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Queens High School for the Sciences at York College (QHSSYC) is dedicated to providing a rigorous curriculum emphasizing the sciences and mathematics, in collaboration with York College.  Founded in September 2002, the school is one of eight specialized high schools where admission is based on the score attained on the Specialized High School Admissions Test.  

The philosophy of the school is that students are more successful in life when nurtured in a small learning community.  For this reason, school accepts approximately one hundred students in each entering class and maintains an average class size of under twenty-five students.  

We also believe in maximizing the individual strengths of our teachers by giving them the flexibility to be reflective risk-takers, and the trust and cooperation that they exhibit with each other and the administration. We have been able to develop a balance between our concentration on Mathematics and the Sciences with a high-powered Humanities program. This allows us to meet the needs of the “whole student” and their families.

The following are some of the highlights about our school:
·               All academic courses offered are at honors level. The median GPA of class of 2008 was 88.93.
·               We are a member of the National Consortium of Specialized Schools for Science, Mathematics and Technology (NCSSSMST).
·               Research advisors are provided to assist students with research projects in science, mathematics, and technology for city, state and national competitions.
·               We share many York College facilities, including the library, gymnasium, pool, theatre, and cafeteria.
·               Students have the opportunity to enroll in College Now courses. Courses currently offered are Student Development, Psychology, Sociology, Computer Music, Computer Programming, Latin, and Chinese.
·               Advanced Placement courses include English Literature, U.S. History, Spanish, French, Calculus BC, Calculus AB, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
·               The music program includes Chorus, Orchestra, Jazz and Guitar, and Music Appreciation.
·               The art program includes Art Appreciation, Advanced Drawing and Painting, and Portfolio Preparation.
·               The physical education program includes Dance, Swimming, Aerobics, Health Club Fitness, and Basketball.
·               PSAL sports teams include Tennis, Swimming, and Handball.
·               Extracurricular activities include ARISTA Honor Society, Math Team, Student Consultative Council, Student Government Organization, Debate Team,  Key Club, Chess Club, Club Baroque, Dance, Art Club, Digital/Video Photography, Film Club,  Literary Magazine, Model UN, Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, Science Olympiad, and Youth CaN.
·               We had a 100% graduation rate with 100% of the graduates receiving NYS Regents diploma.
·               All of our graduates were accepted to 4-year colleges.
·               We had a 100% passing rates in 6 out of 9 Regents exams offered.
·               Students were offered eight Advanced Placements courses and five College Now courses.

In 2007-2008 school year, 100% of our seniors received NYS Regents diplomas.  Among them, 89.9% received NYS Advanced Regents diplomas and 46.6% received NYS Advanced Regents Diplomas with Honors.  All of our graduates were accepted to 4-year colleges and some of them are attending nation’s best colleges, such as Harvard University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Cooper Union.

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