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Admissions and Graduation Requirements

See Series A-101: Admissions, Readmissions, Transfer and List Notice for All Students and Series A-501: Promotion Standards.

    Regular Diploma Requirements

    1. At least 44 credits are required for a diploma. Minimum passing grade is 65.

    2. The following are required:

      English 8 credits
      Social Studies 8 credits
      4 credits
          American Studies 2 credits
          Economics 1 credit
          Government 1 credit
      6 credits
      6 credits
      1 credit
      1 credit
      Language Other Than English
      2 credits
      Health Education
      1 credit
      Physical Education each term except when student is in Health
      4 credits
      Total Required Credits 37 credits
      Concentration and Free Electives 7 credits
      TOTAL 44 credits

    3. Students will need "3 unit sequence" in any two of the following areas of concentration:

      Mathematics Art
      Science Music
      Second Language Occupational Education


      Completion of a 3 unit sequence in one of the above plus a 5 unit sequence in English or Social Studies


      Completion of a 5 unit sequence in any one of the following:

      Mathematics Art
      Science Music

      Advanced Regents Endorsed Academic Diplomas require additional standards. Your Guidance Counselor should be consulted in order for you to obtain this prestigious honor.

    4. Five Regents examinations need to be taken and passed: English, mathematics, global history, American history and science.

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