ELA (English Language Arts)

PS/IS 18 English Language Arts (ELA) department primary concern is focused on each student becoming an able reader and writer.  Our Literacy instruction is matched to each students' unique strengths and needs through the utilization of a research based approach of Balanced Literacy.  This method stresses the essentials of explicit teaching of phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, read aloud, independent reading and the continual use of the writing process.  These components are tucked into a ninety minute Literacy Block organized around Reading and Writing Workshop.  Monthly units of study focus on various genres of literacy (poetry, narratives, fiction, non-fiction, persuasive, literary, and expository essay, feature article writing) during this block.  100 Book Challenge (American Reading Company) guides the independent reading approach.  Well stocked classroom libraries centerpieces of each classroom and this Balanced Literacy approach.
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