Technology Enhanced Instruction

Technology has the power to enhance the teaching and learning process, to inspire creativity and allow people to communicate more effectively, to work more efficiently, to solve problems and to access and analyze information. Our technology team is doing everything possible to support students and staff to understand and be comfortable with instructional technology tools.

For the last three years we have applied and received grants that allowed our school to place Apple computers and wireless printers in every classroom. We have unveiled a new computer lab with 12 new IMAC computers, 2 wireless printers, a Smart Board, a Smart Camera, a Smart response system and 2 labs on wheels. Many classrooms have new Smart Boards and we are planning to equip all of our classrooms with Smart Boards in the near future. Our vision is that every communal space and classroom in the school be equipped with basic technology so that every student,no matter what his or her physical or cognitive challenges are, has access to the curriculum and means of communicating and engaging in social interactions.To that end, we provide our students opportunities to learn through participation in practical, hands-on, functional learning experiences in classrooms, community based learning centers as well as during our Mouse Squad team teaching. QTC (Queens Transition Center) Mouse Squad creates an opportunity for students to learn about technology and exposes students to the use of technology in real world contexts, e.g., Robotics, Video Game Design, Multimedia Productions and others. The core elements of the program include computer troubleshooting, database and help desk operations. This course supports the improvement of students’ critical thinking skills, their ability to work in groups, and develop positive peer interaction. The main objective of the QTC Mouse Squad is to provide our students with a comprehensive standards-based communication technology (ICT) career pathway development program and prepare them for their future job selections with the skills necessary in the 21st century.

In 2012 our school received 47 IPads from District 75 Technology Office and our students are working on different project-based instructional activities as well as getting ready for their Regents Exams. During this school year several staff members have applied for IPad grants and received additional 25 IPads for their students. IPads are the best tools for our special education student population and they help them express themselves in a manner which was not available to them until now.  

Technology team is providing professional development opportunities for the entire faculty to enhance their skills in instructional technology as well as in basic computer operations and troubleshooting tips. Teachers and paraprofessionals receive instructional support in groups and one-on-one bases based on their needs. 

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