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Our Mission Statement

The mission of our school is to provide our diverse student population with the skills to develop their maximum potential and functional levels, by acquiring social, emotional, and academic skills. Our program accomplishes these goals by creating a therapeutic and nurturing environment that is physically and emotionally receptive to the needs of our students. We use a cooperative, multi-sensory approach involving age-appropriate, individualized instruction. We believe in shared decision-making that involves harmonious, cooperative, and respectful policies integrating the families and community of our children. Through these structured activities, students will acquire the characteristics associated with good citizenship. In order to achieve our mission, we must:

  • Improve student achievement in all academic areas
  • Provide staff with appropriate and comprehensive professional development
  • Maintain an effective system of positive behavior supports
  • Engage parents as partners in the educational process
  • Monitor school climate and culture
  • Develop positive self-esteem and social growth in the entire school community

P771K Cell Phone Policy

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