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The mission of the Millennium Art Academy is "to use the arts to reveal our humanity." This is achieved through a rigorously academic, artistic and award-winning intergenerational program that prepares students for the world of college, work and community. Classes are interdisciplinary and teachers work with professional artists, writers and dramatists to fully engage students intellectually, artistically, and socially.

At MAA, students are taught to see that there is a common human condition and that understanding the plights of others will ultimately enable them to bend adversity around them, so that they may realize their true potential. In essence, we believe that all students enter our school with exceptional potential that can only be revealed through teacher efficacy and nurturing support. MAA students are treated as intellectually capable young adults and begin their coursework exposed to rhetorical and universal concepts/themes, as well as to the notion of what it means to take accountability for the quality of one's work.
Our award-winning Millennium Pearl Initiative (MPI) is a unique intergenerational program that involves students and elders bonding symbiotically for the following purposes: eradicating social stereotypes, forming life-long bonds, and obtaining oral histories for the purposes of learning American history and seeing the universal human condition. By the end of the journey, students will have written, designed, and published a book and audio CD (with an ISBN#) entitled, "Back in the Day." The book is published by Columbia Teachers College SPI (Student Press Initiative) and professors from TC and Parsons teach the graphic design portion of book production while visiting writers/dramatists from Elders Share the Arts teach students about the oral history process. Students have annual book readings of their origonal work at a Barnes and Noble book store, as well as at Columbia University. - The MPI program is gaining national recognition.

Students also participate in work internships at Bronx nursing homes and senior centers and are often offered full-time summer employment at these locations. In addition, students who are reading way below grade-level attend weekly book clubs at nursing homes where elders and students read the same books and discuss them.

M.T.V. is now an official partner of MAA. Artists from M.T.V.s off-air division run weekly commercial art seminars with students who seek to make art a career. Students have a chance to create professional quality art work, sell it in NYC stores, and exhibit their art work at M.T.V. and have a chance to shadow artists at the M.T.V. art studios.

DreamYard, our lead CBO, provides very exciting visual art and drama programs for MAA students. Students exhibit their art work at Sotheby's in NYC annually, as well as create original drama pieces during ELA courses.
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