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Athletics & Fitness

The mission of the Public Schools Athletic League is to provide opportunities for educating students in physical fitness, character development and socialization skills through an athletic program that fosters teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.
The goal of the CHAMPS Middle School Sports & Fitness program is to improve student fitness levels and overall health by increasing opportunities for children to engage in physical activity, regardless of athletic ability. The program promotes health-related fitness through a mix of several after-school and before-school activities including traditional sports, non-traditional sports, and fitness activities. The ultimate goal is for students to grow to be CHAMPS — Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated, Positive Students — for life.
The Charter School Athletic Association (CSAA) is a 501c3 non- profit organization supporting New York City charter schools. Through community and school partnerships, the CSAA works with New York City charter schools to develop and maintain inter-scholastic sports leagues and arts programs. By nurturing charter school students’ appreciation for the arts, sports, physical fitness, and nutrition the CSAA gives these students access to high quality programing committed to the values of cooperation, fairness, and respect.

The MHSHS Department of Fitness and Physical Education aspires to support all students in developing the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity. Our goal is to help students make the connection between good health, physical activity, personal achievement, and quality of life. We also hope to encourage students to take action to support their own lifelong mental, emotional and social wellness throughout their life.

These goals are accomplished by involving the students in a variety of individual and team sports activities that change every three to five weeks. At the end of each three to five week unit the students are graded on the understanding of the skills taught, knowledge of rules, effort, and their overall skill performance. Physical Education assessments take place on a daily basis - during skill training, individual testing and gameplay. The grades your child receives will be representative of their overall class performance during a particular marking period. If a "unit" overlaps two marking periods then it shall be valid for both marking periods in terms of grading.

All these goals follow the standards for Physical Education in New York:

Physical Education Standards

Standard 1

Personal Health and Fitness
Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.

Standard 2

A Safe and Healthy Environment
Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Standard 3

Resource Management
Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources.

In a typical Physical Education class at MHSHS you can expect to find students in charge of warm-ups and classroom coordination after the first few weeks. This is done to have the students take on a role of "ownership" in the classroom. All students are encouraged to volunteer to lead warm-up activities as long as they do a good job and maintain discipline.

The Physical Education clothing requirements and other pertinent information are as follows:

Athletic Shorts OR Jogging pants, a crew neck or V-neck T-shirt, and a pair of sneakers with socks are required clothing for phys ed. Shorts or jogging pants that have belt loops and/or zippers are not considered proper Physical Education attire.

  • Boxer style underpants are not considered "athletic shorts" for the purposes of this class
  • Pajama shorts and pants are not considered "athletic shorts" or "jogging pants" for the purposes of this class
  • Students wearing jogging pants over other pants will be considered unprepared for class and after discussing it with the student, contact will be made with a parent or guardian to discuss the issue further.
  • There are no color requirements for any phys. ed. clothing.
  • Lockers will be available for student use. The school recommends purchasing a combination lock rather than one that requires a key.

Interscholastic Team Sports are available to all MHSHS students under the campus teams here at MLK Educational Campus. There are three seasons in the PSAL (Public School Athletic League) and each one has their own specific tryout dates. Typically the tryouts fall on or around the following dates:

Fall sports - Sept 1st

Winter sports - third Monday in October

Spring sports - March 1st

Each sport might also have a "club" that runs out of season. Information about these programs can be obtained by contacting your Physical Education Teacher.

Fall sports include: Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Cross Country Track, Boys Bowling

Winter sports include: Indoor Track, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball

Spring sports include: Baseball, Softball, Girls Soccer, Outdoor Track, Boys Volleyball

You can follow a team's progress, see rosters, schedules, and past years’ results by going to: http://www.psal.org

and clicking on the drop box towards the top right hand corner and then clicking on Martin Luther King Jr. HS. This link will show you all current teams and coaches and provide other useful links for information related to specific teams. This link will also provide you with contact information for the Athletic Director who can field any questions about athletics at the campus.

A current physical exam (within one calendar year of the sport) and a parental consent form (for each sport) must be filed with the Coach and Athletic Director in order for students to participate in any interscholastic sports.

There is a school nurse on the campus where physical exams can be scheduled and are offered FREE OF CHARGE. Please ask your Physical Education Teacher for more information.

Finally, here at MHSHS we hope you find your Physical Education experience a rewarding and fulfilling one and we encourage our students to speak with the Physical Education teacher about any aspect of the class they may have difficulty with. Please remember that the only bad question is the one not asked.

Yours in good health,

MHSHS Physical Education Department

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