Assistant Principal: Mr. Michael Saporito
718-232-2500 x305

Instructors: C. Daskalakis, M. Fraser, J. Landy

Virtual Enterprise
Course Code: TJ1 and TJ2
Prepares students to take full advantage of today's technology relating to the world of business with a firsthand approach of running their own business that includes designing, manufacturing, engraving, and selling plaques and trophies. Skills will be developed in such areas as creating forms, flyers, advertising, keeping an accurate inventory, and using spreadsheets for income statements, balance sheets, tax forms, and payroll. Students will also be responsible for packing, shipping, mailing, and conducting office meetings, communicating with customers, and maintaining supplies.

click here to view "The Mark of Excellence", the virtual enterprise website.

Economics for The Virtual Enterprise
Course Code: TJH
This course explores the relationship between total spending in the economy, production, and prices. It illustrates how increases in spending generate increases in production when the economy is producing below capacity. At capacity, output cannot grow. At this point, increases in spending can only show up as higher prices or inflation. Economic outcomes such as prices of goods, the amount of private and public investment, the wealth or poverty of nations and persons, unemployment rates, the structure of organizations, the benefits and burdens of globalization and trade, the quality of the environment and health care are explored.

Careers and Financial Management
Course Code: TPX1
This course is designed to involve students in a realistic hands-on experience in preparing for the world of work. Students will be involved in exploring the Internet in the search for careers. They will prepare a resume, introduction letter, follow-up letter and acceptance letter. Mock interviews will be conducted, analyzed and critiqued.

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