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ELA (English Language Arts)

English Language Art Useful Websites:

1. Internet4Classrooms  - Once you are on this page click on the grade level your child is in and then choose Language Arts.  There is a whole page of Language Arts skills to choose from.  Each one takes you to a different web site.  There are on-screen practices and also worksheets you can print out.

2. Study Zone 
- Click on ELA at the top and choose a grade level.  These are online tutorials, but the student must write down his/her answers.

3. Master Guru 
- This is an interactive site where students can practice test-prep skills right on the computer.  There are tutorials that lead into actual practices.  The username is your child's 9-digit school ID # and the password is 123.

4. I Know That 
- This site has fun games that teach students about words, punctuation and other Language Arts skills. 

5. Thinkfinity - Play interactive games and do interactive activities from all subject areas.  You can choose the subject, the grade level and the type of activity you want to do.

6. Read, Write, Think - Click on Student Materials.  Everything you see on that page is an interactive activity.  Some of them are for younger kids but most are for upper elementary.

7. Scholastic - This is a site that has reading resources to help your child stay smart.

8. You can also find other great sites at the Teacher ELA Resource Page.

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