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The mission of PS 31 is to encourage each child to be a successful lifelong learner. We will provide a safe and orderly environment in which every child will be respected and urged to maximize their potential for learning. Our focus will be on academic and social skills so that every child can be an asset to their community. Our goal is that every child, parent and staff member join together to provide the design to achieve our mission. We need to rise to the challenges the children will face in their future. We must provide the means for our children to commit themselves to successful achievement which in turn will benefit the larger society.

Special Programs

Reading and Mathematics scores are high; academics are a priority. School and class incentives are ongoing to maintain high standards. After-school programs are provided for children who need help.

Extracurricular Activities

Legal Lives (B'klyn DAs office); North Brooklyn Development Corp. after-school program; Partnerships with American Ballroom Theatre, Resident Artist. Theater trips sponsored through Project Arts. Chess in the Schools Program. Anti-Violence Leadership Program, P.S. 31 Super/Special Saturday Program. FEMA Program.

Our Community

Our partnerships include: Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn District Attorney's Program, NYC Police Department, North Brooklyn Development Corp., Teachers and Writers Grade 3, Music for Many Gr. 1 & 2. L.A.B.B. Parent Program and N.A.R.C.
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