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Message from the Principal
Welcome to Hillcrest High School's Web site.  By viewing this site, you will get a glimpse into the excitement that is Hillcrest.
Hillcrest is a large cosmopolitan high school of 3,400 students.  Everyone of Hillcrest's 3,400 students chooses to be part of one of our nine Small Learning Communities (SLC's).  Each SLC has 450 or less students and has its own theme, course offerings, teachers, and guidance counselors.  Each of our seven 4-year SLC's is linked to career themes and has connections to the outside professional world.  Our seven 4-year SLC's are: Humanities, Pre-Med, Theatre, Pre-Teaching, Public Service & Law, Business / Technology (BIZ / Tek), and Health Careers.  Our two 1-year immersion programs are:  Future Academy and Newcomers.
All of these SLC's have links within this website.
Hillcrest proudly focuses on learning and excellence.  Along with our SLC's, we have a most comprehensive Advance Placement or College Now Program.  Over 950 students are involved in some level of Advance Placement or College Now Program.  Hillcrest provides each of our students a safe nurturing and supportive environment, which makes learning purposeful and enjoyable.  Again, welcome to Hillcrest!!
                                      Yours Truly,                   
                                      Stephen M. Duch, Principal
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