Parent Coordinator

Welcome to P.S. 52!

         There are new developments at our school, and we are all very excited. 

        For all who do not know me, I am Mrs. Donna Santana, and I am pleased to serve you as Public School 52 Queens' Parent Coordinator for the 2007-2008 school year. I will be your liaison between school, home, and the Community. 

    During the school year, several workshops will be held to assist all of the parents and guardians of our students to understand our school's policies and make use of the many resources available in our community to help each child become better students and citizens. 

      New programs have been implemented at P.S.52Q, and new academic structures have been designed to enhance each child's skills in all academic areas, to improve their achievement scores on city and state tests, and to ensure their safety in school. 

        Please join us in making this school year a wonderful, satisfying, and academically enriching one!

    I hope to see you soon.


    Mrs. Donna Santana

    Parent Coordinator 
    Public School 52 Queens

    Phone: 718-528-2238
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