ESL (English as a Second Language)

ESL- English as a Second Language Teachers

Mrs. S. Geller                         ESL SWD/ Testing                Room 455

Mr. S. Blum                            ESL Grades 3,4,5                 Room 452

Mrs. O. Zilberman                  ESL Grades K,1,2                 Room 452

Why ESL Classes?

ESL classes enable limited English proficient students to communicate and function in the English language and American culture. Those classes also develop a program services plan for each  student to address linguistic and academic needs. ESL classes promote recognition, understanding and acceptance of individuality and cultural diversity. Moreover, they provide comprehensible instruction in content-area classes to successfully meet grade promotion and graduation standards. In addition to all that, ESL classes teach listening, speaking, reading and writing, and cultural understanding needed to participate in the school's mainstream activities. Finally, they promote parental and community participation.

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