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Our Mission

The Queens High School of Teaching is different by design; developing diverse learners who are prepared to become leaders, and teachers, in their communities and productive members of a global society. Our small learning communities provide a framework where students are encouraged to perform to their highest potential through differentiated instruction, student-centered classrooms and instilling school wide values. Creating an inclusive environment we promote the ethical and moral development of our students. Through distributive leadership, students, staff, parents and other stakeholders fully participate in the teaching and learning process, while continuously reflecting, assessing and modifying our practices. As a proving ground for sound educational pedagogy, we are committed to insuring our students become lifelong learners enabling them to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Special Programs

Our school is fully inclusive with District 75 students included in general ed classrooms.
- Teaching Institute
- IMP Mathematics
- Mentor/Mentee Program
- Arista
- Community-Wide Events
- Student Government
- Peer Mediation
- Multi-cultural Festivities
- Science-Art Elective
- Publications

Extracurricular Activities

PSAL Athletics, including:

•          Bowling
•          Golf
•          Basketball
•          Baseball
•          Softball
•          Track
•          Volleyball
•          Women's Lacrosse

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