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Athletics & Fitness

The mission of the Public Schools Athletic League is to provide opportunities for educating students in physical fitness, character development and socialization skills through an athletic program that fosters teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.
The goal of the CHAMPS Middle School Sports & Fitness program is to improve student fitness levels and overall health by increasing opportunities for children to engage in physical activity, regardless of athletic ability. The program promotes health-related fitness through a mix of several after-school and before-school activities including traditional sports, non-traditional sports, and fitness activities. The ultimate goal is for students to grow to be CHAMPS — Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated, Positive Students — for life.
The Charter School Athletic Association (CSAA) is a 501c3 non- profit organization supporting New York City charter schools. Through community and school partnerships, the CSAA works with New York City charter schools to develop and maintain inter-scholastic sports leagues and arts programs. By nurturing charter school students’ appreciation for the arts, sports, physical fitness, and nutrition the CSAA gives these students access to high quality programing committed to the values of cooperation, fairness, and respect.

HSGCA Athletics

The Athletic Director is Mr. Sime.  He can be reached at (212)245-5925 ext. 280 or at Lsime@schools.nyc.gov

Below you will find a list of Public School Athletic League or PSAL sports and the coaches.  Parents and students should be aware that in order for students to participate they must complete a parental consent form and a physical form, (completed by a doctor).  Without these forms students will not be allowed to tryout or participate in any PSAL sport.  The PSAL’s official web site is www.psal.org.  It is open to the public, so parents and students can log on.

2008 - 2009

Teams Head                                                   Coaches


BASEBALL Boys Varsity                                Mike Muth

BASEBALL Boys Jr. Varsity                           Vacancy

BASKETBALL Boys Varsity                           Patrick Gaffney

BASKETBALL Boys Jr. Varsity                      Danielle Reynolds

BASKETBALL Girls Varsity                           William Rodriguez

BOWLING Boys Varsity                                  Adam Sheikovitz

HANDBALL Boys Varsity                               Stephen D’Andrilli

OUTDOOR TRACK Girls Varsity                   Josephine Piccinic

OUTDOOR TRACK Boys Varsity                   Josephine Piccinic

SOFTBALL Girls Varsity                                  Teddy Mallory

VOLLEYBALL Boys Varsity                            William Rodriguez

VOLLEYBALL Girls Varsity                            Danielle Reynolds

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