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    Dear FSSA Alumni,

    We are excited to announce that the FSSA Alumni Association, designed for graduates of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, will help keep everybody in touch with each other post high school.  To get started, we ask that you please fill out the alumni questionnaire so that we can better maintain contact with you in the future.  After completeing the application, you can e-mail it to our Alumni contact, Costas Tsourakis ( Class of 2005) at

    The new Alumni Association will serve many purposes.  First, FSSA wants to know what its graduates do once they leave our walls.  Where are you presently attending college?  Did we prepare you well?  What careers are you pursuing?  What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?  As a new high school, FSSA is still a work in progress.  The Alumni Association will use the information and feedback that you give us throughout the years to ensure that the high school is best supporting and preparing its current students for the future.

    Second, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Alumni Association will also make it easier for graduates to keep in touch with each other and share experiences.  We will be organizing class reunions and inviting our Alumni back to attend special events and performances at the school.  We want to support the friendships you formed while in high school, as well as, help you forge new ones.  Pursuing a career, especially in the arts, can, at times, be quite difficult and the Alumni Association will be a wonderful way for you to establish relationships with individuals and artists out of which opportunities for work and collaborations may arise.

    Finally, we would like to use the new FSSA Alumni Association to establish mentoring relationships so that older graduates can offer guidance and support to younger Alumni and students with internship opportunities, resume-writing advice, or a place to stay when visiting colleges out of state.

    We are very proud of bothe proud of FSSA and of those we have graduated so far.  We hope you will keep in touch with us and become a part of this Alumni Association.  We hope this letter finds you doing well!


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