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At BCHS, we hold the conviction that college should be encouraged for all of our students, and therefore every students should be thoroughly prepared for this challenge with a rigorous academic program. Through the work of our College Advisors, students are exposed to a variety of colleges and apply to the colleges of their choice.

We have a Senior Advisory course in which students explore their post-secondary possibilities and looking at funding, college life, expectations, personal statements, scholarships, budgeting and academic readiness. Our College Advisors invites presenters from other colleges, student teachers and tutors from other colleges and universities, BCHS staff and former students in order to assist students through the process. Involving all BCHS staff in the process of post-secondary planning underscores its importance for our students.

Students maintain the application process, which includes:

  • Interviews
  • Visits
  • Evaluating acceptance letters
  • Evaluating financial aid packages
  • Choosing schools of their choice

In addition, students explore other post-secondary options and are introduced to role models in the fields of work /study that they are interested in, do job shadowing/interviewing, and learn study skills and techniques.


Every student will have a portfolio completed before graduation. The portfolio is designed to help our students prepare for the challenging and intense coursework college requires. The portfolio is also one of the driving instructional strategies of our school in that, when teachers are planning their classes, they must have an eye toward the core competencies that will be represented in the portfolio. Teachers provide students with activities and assignments that will ensure that students are working toward developing their portfolios. In doing so, at the most fundamental level of planning their curricula, teachers develop lessons and assignments that will enable students to master the skills that will empower themselves and their communities.

What is a portfolio?

The BCHS Developmental Portfolio is a collection of student work and reflection on his work that documents students' growth during their time at BCHS. In order for the portfolio to be complete, all sections must be completed and presented to fellow students and BCHS staff members. There should be work and reflective writing in all of the following competencies:

  • Analytical Thought
  • Independent Thought
  • Critical Thought
  • Research
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Community Awareness & Action

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