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Choir Academy Mission Statement  

  It is the mission of the Choir Academy of Harlem to embrace every child’s unique qualities, while providing a challenging but rewarding educational experience. We believe all children will learn and achieve regardless of the societal influences that may seek to impede their learning process. It is our goal to provide each student with an enriched academic experience that prepares them to be life long learners and productive citizens. Our mission is to maximize the musical and artistic talents of our students in the areas of choral music, instrumental music and dance. We understand that in order to reach this goal, we must embrace the school program and school community keeping the pillars of rigor, respect, rights and responsibility as the most important principles upon which the school legacy was built.

Vision for Choir Academy

We will create and maintain a school culture that is sensitive to the learning and artistic needs of all students. Our goal is to provide students with enriched academic experiences that prepares them for music, the arts and post-secondary ambitions. Our school programs will be based on research-based and data-driven practices that foster critical thinking and competent social-emotional decision making, keeping what is in the best interests of students as the first priority.

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