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Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are excited to kick off what we are sure will be another great year at John Adams High School. All of us at the school - teachers, administrators, and support staff are working hard to guarantee that your child has a successful year of learning and growth. In our efforts to ensure a safe educational environment at John Adams High School, we will be strictly enforcing all rules and regulations, specifically those regarding scanning, headgear, and electronic devices.

Please take note of the following policies that are in effect for all students entering John Adams High School.


ØScanning doors will open at 6:30 AM

ØPeriod 1 begins promptly at 7:15 AM

ØLate students will be held in auditorium

·In order to avoid your first class being considered a cut, and therefore resulting in consequences, you must:

üArrive at school at least 30 minutes earlier

üHave your photo ID and program out before going through the scanners

üRemove belts, jewelry, coins, and metal objects, and place them in your backpack or purse

* Please check all of your belongings before entering John Adams for any items that might led to a suspension.

* Please note any student that causes a delay in scanning by refusing to cooperate or attempting to conceal an item will be subject to suspension or possible arrest.

**The following are some of the items that are prohibited to be brought into the building. This is not an all inclusive list. Any item deemed to be harmful or distractive to the educational process will be confiscated.

-Hats, Do-rags, Scarves -Laser Lights

-Beepers -Waller Chains

-Cellular Phones -Pocket Knives

-Glass Bottles -Razor Blades

-Pen Knives -Lighters

-Box Cutters -Scissors

-Ball and Chain Necklaces or Bracelets -Compass

-Magic Markers -Cans (including aerosol,

-Nail Clippers hairspray, deodorant, etc.

-Walkman/CD players/MP3/ipods/PSP’s/Gameboys etc.


ØHeadgear is not to be worn inside of John Adams High School at any time. Headgear includes, but is not limited to hats, do-rags, scarves and headbands. The only exceptions are for religious reasons.

·Please remember to remove all headgear before entering the school building. Students are permitted to keep it in their backpacks or pocketbooks.



ØStudents are not permitted under any circumstances to bring electronic devices into the school building. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, ipods, MP3 players, and CD players.

All contraband will be kept in room 138A and will be returned to a PARENT on Fridays, between 10 AM & 1 PM. For health reasons any headgear not picked up by the last Friday of the month will be discarded.

Please review these policies with your children, and thank you for your cooperation. Let’s work together and do all we can to make certain that students have a safe and productive school year!

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