3 rd & 4 th grades:  Once a week test prep.  Lab experiments appropriate for the age/according to the curriculum.

 7th & 8th grades:  Intermediate Level - Science Core Curriculum.  Differentiated Instruction –ELLs, textbook used: New York Science, Activities and assessments accommodate all students, Multiple Learning Styles including the following: Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical.  Cultural Diversity – unique ways in which different ethnicities and cultural heritage have approach science.  Inquiry-Based Science activities:  Encouraging problem-solving strategies and developing critical thinking skills.  Inquiry Lab – students will extend the experience during the lab class using different methodologies.  Hands-on experiments by using the Scientific Method.  Help students with reading and writing in Science Journal.  Research - Based Learning Strategies, Test preps – NYS test (Written and Manipulative),

Science Exit Project for the 8th grade (Mandated) and Organize the Science Fair for the entire school, Science Fair Rules and Guidelines and Organize Science Trips.

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