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                                        P.S. 24 Vision

To ensure that all students reach grade level proficiency in knowledge and skills, while developing a healthy body and mind, in an environment of collaboration and trust, ready to enter middle school as successful students who celebrate the diversity around them and treat others with respect.

                                         P.S. 24
P.S. 24 is a zoned school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  There are around 675 pre-kindergarten – fifth grade students.  Almost 45% are English Language Learners, around 21% have IEPs (Individual Education Plans.)  92% of our students are latino. 

Almost half of our students are in dual language classrooms.  In this program all subjects are taught in both English and Spanish.  The classes are composed of students that are native speakers of both languages—this way they will learn their second language from peers as well as the teacher.

Enrichment at P.S. 24

Teaching artists from BAX and S'Cool Sounds work with our students in movement, dance, theater and are learning recorder and percussion. We have an ongoing partnership with New Victory Theater that provides students with theater workshops and opportunities to attend live theater productions. In past years we partnered with Groundswell Mural Project to paint the murals that grace our outside walls.

The New York City Football Club sponsors a twenty week-long weekday and Saturday soccer program that runs in partnership with the school. The program is designed to teach fundamental technical skills, develop confidence and promote teamwork and sportsmanship. The soccer coach also educates students on healthy eating habits and the importance of regular exercise. Both the NYCFC and the school believe that soccer is a great tool to connect young people in a fun and engaging environment.

One hundred of our students come each Saturday from 8:30am – 1:30 for karate, art, sports and test preparation tutoring in a program we run with the Sport and Arts in Schools Foundation
                                                   Parent Engagement
Lutheran Family Services provide ESL classes for parents. Basic education classes are provided in Spanish through UVEAsite Education. Monthly reading days are hosted at our school and parents have the opportunity to visit classrooms and attend workshops. Monthly Math workshops are hosted to help parents understand the curriculum and help their children with homework. Bi-monthly book club helps to foster a sense of community and to build lasting relationships amongst parents. Our PTA hosts monthly events such as Family Movie Night and Family Game Night which help to build community here at our school and they also organize regular fund raisers to help support our students. 
After School Program

Our after school program is run by Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility and is free for 280 students – Monday through Fridays from 3pm- 5:00pm. The PAZ After-School program began in 1999 as a partnership between The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility and P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with funding from The After School Corporation (TASC). PAZ was created specifically to educate children's hearts as well as their minds. Every school day, students participate in arts, cooperative games and sports, homework help and conflict resolution activities.

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