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                                                    Mission Statement
The Dual Language School for International Studies: PS 24 educates children to become global thinkers who are active responsible citizens in their local community.  At PS 24 they will learn: to be life-long readers and writers, to be technologically savvy, to be bi-literate, to appreciate the Arts, to be healthy in mind and body and to think like scientists and mathematicians.

PS 24  The Dual Language School for International Studies

     PS 24- The Dual Language School for International Studies is a zoned school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  There are around 780 pre-kindergarten – fifth grade students.  Almost 45% are English Language Learners.  Around 21% have IEPs (Individual Education Plans.)  Ninety-one percent of our students are latino. 

Almost half of our students are in dual language classrooms.  In this program all subjects are taught in both English and Spanish.  The classes are composed of students that are native speakers of both languages—this way they will learn their second language from peers as well as the teacher.

All of our students work with an artist in residency for a semester or more.

Teaching artists work with teachers and their students in movement, dance, and theater.  Currently almost half of our classes are each creating a musical theater piece from script to songwriting to performance.  We are proud of our collaborations with the Manhattan New Music Project, Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Arts Connection.  In past years we partnered with Groundswell Mural Project to paint the murals that grace our outside walls.

Our parents are a visible presence in the school.  Learning Leaders are trained to volunteer in the classrooms.  Adelante Alliance, a community based organization (CBO) provides computer classes and basic literacy in Spanish for parents.  Diaspora Community Services, another CBO, teaches ESL classes for parents during the school day.  Even Start provides toddler classes, ESL for parents, parenting classes and makes home visits to support families.  Recently a School Leadership Team committee consisting of parents and teachers held an informational forum on testing.  One hundred parents attended this bilingual Spanish-English event.  On Saturdays NYC Dept of Education holds ESL classes for 40 parents.

At PS 24 we have a myriad of enriching and supportive activities.  Through a collaboration with NYCares volunteers work with our students on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7:50am until the start of the school day playing math games and dong reading activities.  On Saturdays NYCares volunteers teach sports, dance, Lego Robotics and videogame programming.  Our own extended day morning program provides small group tutoring to three hundred of our students.   After school we have Spanish enrichment for native English speakers, ESL for newcomers, and Spanish Math Club.  Our after school program is run by Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility and is free for 280 students – Monday through Fridays from 3pm- 5:45pm.  One hundred of our students come each Saturday from 8:30am – 1:30 for karate, art, sports and test preparation tutoring in a program we run with the Sport and Arts in Schools Foundation.

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