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Our Mission
Vision To provide a challenging and inclusive educational environment with equity of opportunity and access that will enable all students, commensurate with their abilities, to maximize their potential as educated, healthy, productive and caring members of a multicultural society.

 Mission We will:
         Apply principles of learning with clear expectations set for all staff and students.
·         Maintain a rigorous knowledge-based academic curriculum to engage students in authentic work and develop critical thinking with realistic and creative assignments.
·         Encourage and reward high performance in attendance, positive behaviors, and academic skills.
·         Develop fair and credible evaluations to assess the acquisition of skills through effective problem solving.
·         Provide a safe and secure environment for every member of the school community.
·         Provide every teacher with a high level of professional development opportunities and a rich variety of educational, technological, and multicultural resources.
·         Welcome and encourage parents to be full and active educational partners in the school programs.
·         Promote diversified arenas that recognize and celebrate students’ accomplishments.
Provide clear, goal-oriented paths for students, teachers, and parents in order to maximize general education participation.

Special Programs
Our philosophy of managing behavior is through building a nurturing and therapeutic environment with clear and specific expectations. Students are taught the behavioral expectations in a variety of situations and locations through PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Services). Appropriate social skills are taught and reinforced in a consistent manner to diminish and extinguish antisocial behavior. The PBIS program involves empowering students with opportunities to make choices and assume responsibility and control over their own behavior.
Extracurricular Activities
One important component of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Services) is the daily point system, which enables students to earn points for cooperation, remaining on task, following directions, participation, and being respectful. Each week, students are encouraged to redeem these points for various incentives at the P36 School Store. These incentives range from school supplies, to activities with staff members which include, but are not limited to:
·         Electronic DJ’ing
·         Arts and Crafts
·         Juggling
·         Basketball
·         Girls’ Group
·         Soccer Stars Club
·         Chess Club
(Activities can be viewed by clicking PBIScatalogue.pdf)
In addition, students who travel to school by metro are invited to show up at 7:30 each morning for the 36 Basketball Club and the P36K Qi Gong Club.
Our Community
P36K is located in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. This school serves a population of approximately 170 students. The majority of students are classified as having either emotional/behavioral difficulties or cognitive delays. Students come to P36K because previous school placements have been unsuccessful, or they require a more restrictive school setting in order to be successful. It is with this understanding that a multifaceted approach to identifying, assessing, and referring students as candidates for enrollment in special education services at P36K has been developed and executed.

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