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Click here to log onto the Aris Parent Link ARIS is a very useful tool for both parents and educators. It provides educators with a snapshot of the student.  Educators can see how a child is performing, the support system he or she needs and whether or not the child is making progress. By having instant access to the student’s data, including LEP (limited English proficiency) status, test scores, grade codes, home language, meal codes, etc. we gain knowledge of the child’s and parent’s needs and are able to support the family more effectively by taking all of these factors into consideration.

Parents have instant access to their child’s information, and if they find any inaccurate information they have the ability to contact the Pupil Secretary at their school to update information faster than ever. Parent Coordinators are providing training at their schools to make sure that all parents know how to log on and use ARIS Parent Link to keep track of their child’s academic progress and attendance. Along with other powerful tools like Acuity, parents are now able to have their child’s information at their fingertips which allows them to be informed and to support their child’s education more than ever.

Click here to log on to the Acuity Website 
The Acuity website is used by parents to track their child's progress
on the English Language Arts & Math predictive assessments.
Students in Grades 3-5 use this website to study the lessons assigned by their teachers.
To log on to this website you must have a
user ID and a password
The user ID is usually your child's first and last name
(typed altogether and in lowercase letters).

The password is your child's student ID number.
If you do not have your child's student ID number,
you may call the school to obtain it

Information for Parents & Families

Special Education

Office for Family Engagement and Advocacy

Office of English Language Learners

HIV/AIDS Curriculum by Grade Level