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Our Mission

At the Connie Lekas School, our goal is to provide an educational environment that will prepare students for success in post secondary settings.  By meeting students at their individual entry points we engage students in different modalities for learning.  The shared efforts of students, parents, and staff result in lifelong learners, problem solvers, and productive citizens in the global community.

Our Vision

The Connie Lekas High School is committed to providing Excellence in Education for all students.  The school will design programs and 21st century outcomes aligned to the personal and social growth of every student.  As a richly diverse community of learners, that values all its members, the Connie Lekas School will assume a central role in the community by linking parents, local agencies and businesses to the school.

Special Programs

-Applied Behavior    -Bilingual                  -ESL                    -Inclusion
-Industrial Arts        -Job Development     -Literacy              -Parent Education & Support Groups
-Project M.O.V.E.     -Related Services      -School-to-Work   -Sports
-Technology             -Theater Arts           -Transition            -Universal Design for Learning

Extracurricular Activities

Exemplary Clubs/Programs at 811K

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