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Support Staff:

M. D'Angelone - S.E.T.S.S.
S. Spiwak - Speech
C. Weinraub Speech
R. Freed - Guidance
B. Koshy - O.T.
K. Haen - O.T
D. Edwards - P.T. (M/W/F)
R. Cruz - P.T. (T-F)
L. Zucker - A.P.E.
R. Pierre-Louis - E.S.L.
J. Ragno - E.S.L.
E. Deutsch - Meth/Res. D75
M. Conde - Guid. D75

I.E.P. Teacher
C. Rotando

    Budget Manager/Staff Developer
    M. Reiter

    D. Hallick - Physical Ed
    D. Rich - Art
    B. Ritchie - Computer
    K. Beaulieu - 3-6 Science
    L. Mollura - Library Media Services


    M. Zaidi                                        C. Chambers                               B. Mullins
    C. Phung                                       T. Glatz                                       B. Seda
    S. Rahman                                     R. Napoli                                    J. Williams
    T. Grant                                         V. Lissade                                  T. Flanagan(D75)
    F. Font (D75)                                 R. Isakharova (D75)                  K. Kapoor (D75)
    A. Cotignola (75)                                                    
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