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Science is taught in Spanish in the lower grades. In the Middle school the unit of study determines the language of instruction.
    Lower School (Pre-K - 5th):
    Science instruction takes place every other day on Spanish days. The scientific method is taught and reinforced in each lesson. Encouraging students to ask questions and answer them through inquiry, enables students to make their ideas and reasoning explicit through communication. It also supports development of science process skills, concepts and attitudes. A project-based approach is implemented in the instruction of science.

    Middle School (6th - 8th):
    The unit of study determines the language of instruction, for example, a unit on the circulatory system might be taught in Spanish while a unit on erosion might be taught in English. The language of instruction is alternated for a balanced approach.

    Once a week every student participates in Science Lab where they conduct experiments. A fully stocked lab will be available in 2007-2008.
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