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Students and families already know that a college education is valuable. But, do they know how they'll pay for it?

By visiting Making College Financial Planning Count online, students and their families will have a golden opportunity to start developing their personal college funding strategy! This free resource provides an interactive overview of the college funding process including information about the FAFSA, the types of financial aid available, and more.

They will also have access to the electronic College FundPath(TM) Worksheet, which allows families to customize their college funding strategy. They can learn at their own pace, and they will also be able to save, update and print their personal plan any time they like.

Visit Making College Financial Planning Count today to see for yourself what an invaluable tool this is for students and their families!


  • Information on preparing for college: www.mappingyourfuture.org/collegeprep/
  • Information on ACT or SAT (Check with colleges to see which they require): www.actstudent.org (ACT) www.collegeboard.com/testing (SAT)
  • Information on essays: www.collegeboard.com/apply
  • Information on letters of recommendation: www.mygreatlakes.org/letterofrecommendation
  • Information on early financial aid estimate: http://www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov
  • Information on FAFSA event held every spring which offers free help in filling out FAFSA application: www.CollegeGoalSundayUSA.org (for dates, times and locations)
  • Information on Personal Identification Number (PIN) required for online FAFSA application:  www.pin.ed.gov
  • Information on on materials you will need to fill out FAFSA application: www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Information on applying for scholarships: www.fastweb.com www.scholarships.com www.collegeboard.com
  • Information on filing scholarships application: www.collegeboard.com/student/pay/scholarships-and-aid/
  • Information concerning financial aid options offered by NYS Higher Education Services Corp.: www.hesc.org 
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