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Policies & Regulations


There will be a clearly defined standard of behavior within the M.S. 118 school community that promotes a safe and productive learning and teaching environment.

All members of this community have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates a mutual respect for all individuals, their rights and their property.

A. Goals and Objectives

In planning and maintaining both school and classroom settings which promote appropriate student conduct, M.S. 118's school community is committed to the following objectives:

� To promote mutual respect among students, staff/faculty, administration and parents through the display of appropriate language, attitude and physical behavior.

� To maintain a safe and secure learning environment in which all students have the opportunity to reach their potential.

� To promote each student's self-knowledge, self-discipline, and self-reliance.

� To recognize and value individual differences.

� To recognize that the management of student behavior is the collective responsibility of students, staff, administrators, and parents.

� To maintain open lines of communication in a positive, fair and consistent manner while recognizing the individual needs of students.

1. Role of the Student

Every student has the right to a safe learning environment. Every student in MS 118 is responsible for knowing the school rules, understanding their importance, and following them throughout the school year. All rules and regulations apply within the building, on school property, and the surrounding school perimeter.

2. Role of the Parent

Every parent/guardian has the right to know their child is in a safe learning environment. Each parent/guardian shares the responsibility for success in meeting the academic and behavioral standards of MS 118. Parents/guardians should be familiar with the Discipline Code and have the responsibility to support the academic and behavioral standards of the school.

B. Rules, Regulations and Expectations

The rights and responsibilities for all students and staff members must be respected at all times. In an effort to strive for excellence, it is important for students and staff to be aware of and follow the basic rules and regulations.

1. Dress Policy

We believe how you "look" matters. This is based on the belief that we are to dress for success appropriately with good taste and good personal hygiene. All students are expected to use good judgement in selecting clothing worn in school.

� It is unacceptable for students to wear hats, caps, headbands, wristbands "do rags" or other head coverings anywhere in the building during the school day.

� Tank tops/muscle shirts should not be visible. Midriffs should not be seen (standing or sitting). Girls must wear shorts or skirts that come approximately half way down the thigh in a standing position. Pajamas and slippers should be used for sleeping; they may not be worn to school.

� Clothing displaying offensive, obscene or profane language or pictures may not be worn.

� Coats and jackets may not be worn throughout the school day. They should be kept in a locked closet in their homeroom.

2. Classroom and School Environment

� It is a serious matter to interfere with the educational process by being disruptive in class or by creating disturbances in and around school.

� Pushing, shoving, running and "play-fighting" create an unsafe condition and are never permitted.

� Due to the possible disruptive nature of electronic games, students are not permitted to bring such items to school. They include, but are not limited to CD players, radios, walkmans, headphones and electronic games.

� Cell phones may be bought for emergency purposes only. They must be powered off and not visible. There are phones available throughout the building if you must contact your child. Children who violate these terms lose the right to carry a phone to school.

C. Behavior Towards Peers and Adults

� Rudeness, disrespect and discourteous behavior are intolerable regardless of the particulars of the situation.

� A student who is rude or disrespectful in refusing to obey reasonable requests made by a teacher or staff member is subject to firm disciplinary action. Instructions must be followed first, before any discussion.

D. Lateness, Cutting Class and Truancy

� Students are responsible for reporting to all assigned classes on time and supplying a valid excuse for any absence or lateness. Excessive lateness will require a Behavior Referral.

� Cutting class or skipping school is a serious offense. Any student who is absent from assigned class or other activities without permission may be disciplined consistent with the Department of Education's code.

E. Care of Building and Property

� Acts such as theft and vandalizing school property are considered to be extremely serious. They are not only violations of the Discipline Code; they are against the law. Students found stealing, damaging or defacing school or personal property will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension and held responsible for the costs of repairs or replacement. Each case will be handled on an individual basis. All incidents can be reported to the Police Department.

� Markers, spray paint or any other graffiti supplies should not be brought to school.

� Food is only permitted in the cafeteria.

� Gum is never permitted in the school building.

F. Honesty and Integrity

� Students will be held responsible for standards of honesty in their academic work and in the dealings with teachers and fellow students. Students should be aware that being responsible for doing one's own work is held in high esteem.

� Students will own up to mistakes and offer apologies.

G. Physical Violence, Fighting and Verbal Intimidation

� Physical violence and verbal intimidation or threats directed toward any member of the school community are not tolerated.

� Students involved in fighting and other forms of physical violence (regardless of who started the altercation) are subject to suspension and their parents will be notified. The use of abusive obscene or profane language and/or gestures will be dealt with in a serious manner. "Hitting back" leads to an escalation of violence and danger, and is not permitted.

H. Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

� The possession and/or use of tobacco products, alcohol or other drug use of any kind in school or on school property is forbidden. These offenses are serious crimes and will be dealt with accordingly.

� Possession of matches, lighters and other paraphernalia is forbidden on school property.

I. Harassment

� Words or actions directed at a particular person or group based on their sex, race, religion, national origin, age sexual orientation, physical appearance or disability in any form will not be tolerated.

� Words or actions of an implied or explicit sexual nature are inappropriate in school. Repeated unwelcome or aggressive behavior of this kind constitutes sexual harassment, a suspendable offense.

J. Weapons

� Students are forbidden to bring weapons or explosives of any kind, including but not limited to guns, knives, firecrackers, and cap guns. Replicas of any type of dangerous weapons are also forbidden. A student who brings any weapon to school is subject to suspension.


1. Warning

If an administrative/staff warning is given, this indicates that student behavior is inappropriate and that continuation of this behavior may result in serious consequences.

2. Conference

Every effort is made at all levels within the school environment to help students adhere to the academic and behavioral expectations at MS 118. Many matters can be more effectively resolved in conferences, which take place with teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, fellow students, and parents/guardians.

3. Detentions and Lunch Detentions

Detentions are assigned by teachers or administrators for not following classroom or school rules. Detentions are an alternative to suspension.

4. Classroom Removal/Administrative Action

Unacceptable classroom behavior will be handled in a variety of ways including verbal warnings, conferences, detention and referral to the Dean.

5. Suspension

Depending on the circumstance suspension may be appropriate. The school will notify parents in the event that a suspension becomes necessary. Students have the right to hear charges and respond.