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P.S. 130 is dedicated to providing an excellent education to every child, regardless of ability or background. We believe that effort creates ability and that all children can and will learn, given the proper tools, environment and support from the school, their parents and the community-at-large. P.S. 130 promises to help every child meet the challenges of the high standards of today and become the leaders of tomorrow.
We have a very strong integrated academic program which includes balanced literacy. Content area instruction is taught in our literacy block. Other programs in the school, such as computers, science, physical education, music, and art support the literacy program as well. We now offer a Talented and Gifted Program for all grades, K through 5.
P.S. 130 houses two community-based organizations, the CPC School-Age Daycare and the ISS Program, which offer after-school child care, homework help, and some recreational services. School-sponsored programs are offered in music, drama, physical education, and academic intervention for at-risk learners in grades 3, 4, and 5.
We have many community-based partnerships including the Chinese-American Planning Council, Immigrant Social Services, Power Lunch Volunteers, the Charles B. Wang Health Clinic, the NYU Dental School, Cress Vision, St. Vincent's Hospital, America Reads Program, the National Dance Institute, and the American Ballroom Dance and Theater Company.
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