CTE (Career & Technical Education)

Beginning in the elementary grades, we start to discuss higher education and career options.  Throughout middle school, students set objectives to support their future careers.  The focus is on finding high schools that supports the student's future goals.   

Information Technology is the field of the future and is rapidly growing with the demand for skilled individuals high. Because our global economy is driven by technology, multimedia has become one of the most in-demand fields around. With nearly 75% of Americans using the Internet and over 30 million domains registered worldwide the field of multimedia is exploding. Nationally, high-skill jobs are growing at three times the rate of other jobs. In Utah, the average annual Information Technology salary continues to be 71% higher than the average salary. Careers in information technology include:

A vast number of classes and programs that teach the high demand skills needed to get a job, to cross-train for different positions, or retrain for a new career. CTE is designed to prepare students to transition successfully to high school education, and to help workers acquire job skills in new fields or refresh skills in an existing career path.

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