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Welcome to the Art Department for the High School for Arts and Business

The High School for Arts and Business has different tracks for students. Students that are looking to be Art Majors and receive a Chancellors Endorsed Arts Diploma will have the opportunity to explore a variety of courses. These courses will give the students both a strong knowledge of fine arts as well as graphic arts.

The sequence for Art Majors looking for Advanced Arts Regents Diploma will take: Studio Art 1 & 2, Printmaking and Painting, Graphic Arts and Commercial Design, Portfolio workshop A & B.

Students will also have the option of taking either Advanced Placement in Art History or Film Making 1 & 2. These students will take the Comprehensive Art Regents and have the opportunity to earn college credits (Career Pathways at Queensborough Community College)  and Final Cut Pro certification.  We are also in the process of developing a Career and Technical Education program for Commercial Art and Design. These students will learn about the business aspect of the Arts through advertising and design. The course sequence for Arts with Career and Technical Education is: Drawing 1 & 2, Photography & Digital Photography (NOCTE-Photoshop), Printmaking and Commercial Design (Financial Management Unit included)(Internship Component), Portfolio workshops A & B. All of the following courses meet the New York State Standards for Art-  

Art Department Course sequences:

 Art Sequence 1                                                                     Art Sequence 2


9th Grade                                                                                 9th Grade

AE1 Studio Art or AL1 Foundational Drawing (1)     AE1 Studio Art or AL1Foundational Drawing (1) 

AE2 Studio Art or AL2 Foundational Drawing (2)      AE2 Studio Art orAL2 Foundational Drawing (2)

10th Grade                                                                             10th Grade

AE1P Printmaking (3)                                                        AC1 Photography (3) 

AP1 Painting (4)                                                                 ACD2 Digital Photography (4)

11th Grade                                                                            11th Grade

AEDD Graphic Arts (5)                                                        AE1P Printmaking (5)

AE1T Commercial Design (6)                                            AE1T Commercial Design (6)

&                                                                                                                             &

AHX1 Advanced Placement of Art History 1 (7)            AHX1 Advanced Placement of Art History 1

AHX2 Advanced Placement of Art History2 (8)             AHX2Advanced Placement of Art History 2

   Or                                                                                                                         Or   

AF1 Digital Film Making (7)                                                        AF1 Digital Film Making (7)

AF2 Digital Film Making (Final Cut Pro) (8)                    AF2m Digital Film Making (Final Cut Pro) (8) 

12th Grade                                                                        12th Grade

AMP1 Digital Medial Portfolio Workshop A (9)             AMP1 Digital Media Portfolio Workshop A (9)

AMP2 Digital Media Portfolio Workshop B (10)            AMP2 Digital Media Portfolio Workshop B (10)


Comprehensive Art Regents                          Comprehensive Art Regents

Chancellors Endorsed Art Diploma               Chancellors Endorsed Art And
                                                                     Technical Education Designation

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