The ESL Program at P993Q incorporates high levels of academic rigor and support that result in the attainment of English Language Proficiency and high academic achievement for all English Language Learners.  English as Second Language teachers utilize Special Education methodologies and apply appropriate testing modifications to the Standardized and Alternate Assessment students who participate in NYSESLAT testing. The ESL program provides differentiated instruction to meet individual learning needs and complies with federal and state regulations in CR Part 154.

The ESL programs in place meet the cognitive needs of students across the curriculum areas to align goals with instruction. This year instruction supports the District 75 Units of Study, Unique Learning Systems and Everyday Math curricula.

ESL teachers utilize software and instructional materials geared for English language learning. Differentiated instruction, music, technology, and literature are used to motivate students. The ESL teachers collaborate regularly during common preps, push - in lessons with classroom teachers, and related service providers. A multi- disciplinary team collaborates to develop cohesive, age appropriate, and motivating instruction.

Instruction is delivered using the Push-In Model. Groups are determined by characteristics of classification, chronological age, and English language proficiency levels. At times, advanced and intermediate level ELLs are grouped to facilitate peer-modeling techniques. 

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