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PTA Newsletter to Parents


Did you know
? Research proves that students with involved parents – no matter what their income or background – are more likely to earn higher grades & test scores – pass their classes & be promoted – attend school regularly & graduate – have better social skills & behavior. There is no doubt, parents & teachers are partners in education & the staff at Ditmas is ready to help you. Is there anything else you can do to show your children that education is first priority? Why not join the Parent Teacher Association at Ditmas? It’s a small sacrifice but with tall returns to be on the PTA, are you interested?

            Who can deny that you are the President in your family? You take care of everyone, your family looks to you for guidance. Who puts out the fires? You do! Now, wouldn't’t it be wonderful to have two more of you to take care of the business of caring for your family? You would have a Treasurer – to account for all your money, and a Secretary – to keep you on target. As President – you would have the time you desperately need to do other necessary tasks like get to know the kids’ teachers & bring resources from the community home so you can have a better pulse on the life of your family. Together, the three of you would plan & execute your goals for the year for your family. Your family would be healthy; it would move forward – onward!

            If your family was 1200 strong like Ditmas, you’d need more than three of you to take care of your family! So you have Vice Presidents or Co-Vice Presidents, you start committees, & sub-committees. The President needs a right hand: Vice Presidents or Co-Vice Presidents; someone with a sharp mind, dependable & courageous who can attend meetings at the District & City level to bring back resources & news on what is happening on a large scale. The President needs lively parents with ideas who can form a Fund-raising Committee & work together to get money for the PTA so that we can then use that money on programs & events for families & the kids like a chess club, a math league, pay for dinner at the monthly meetings. The President needs friendly, fun & caring parents who speak different languages who can join the Welcome Committee to help out at the monthly meetings. The President needs a Steering Committee, parents who can sit together to formulate ideas – dedicate themselves to their implementation & in essence help create opportunities for advancement for our parents & their children – to fit the diverse needs of our Ditmas family, for example start a Parent University. It takes a village to raise a child. Ditmas needs you.

            What do you say? Are you ready? Parent volunteers step forth! Let us come together and live this dream! Make Ditmas the best it can be for our biggest treasures… our children, our future.  Do you have the heart, are you committed? Please email me at sharoncayenne@yahoo.com or Kareen Young at kareenp@hotmail.com. You can also contact Marilyn Aybar at 347.563.4545 or email her at maybar2@schools.nyc.gov.

All the best – Sharon Cayenne, PTA President


PTA Offices and Responsibilities



At a minimum, PTAs are mandated to elect a President, Secretary (the position of Recording Secretary is the mandatory Secretary position), and Treasurer.


For the purposes of filling vacancies by succession, the ranking of officers shall be in the following order (President or Co-Presidents; Vice-President or Co-Vice-Presidents; Recording Secretary or Treasurer). The mandatory officers from each school in a community school district shall select the parent members of the Community District Education Councils (CDECs) as outlined in Chancellor’s Regulation D-140, for the Citywide Council on Special Education as outlined in Chancellor’s Regulation D-150, and for the Citywide Council on High Schools as outlined in Chancellor’s Regulation D-160. In addition, PTAs may establish additional offices or executive board member positions in order to meet the needs of the association. The title of each office, a description of the duties and responsibilities for each office must be included in the bylaws. There shall be no qualifications for any office in a PTA other than to be a parent of a child in the school.


What is the Purpose of the Parent - Teacher Association?

The purpose of the school’s parent - teacher association is to provide its members with support, assistance and guidance as they assume their varied roles within the school community as:

§         advocates

§         partners

§         decision makers

§         leaders

§         key stakeholders in their children’s education


Key Responsibilities of Parent - Teacher Associations

§         develop bylaws that conform to Chancellor’s Regulation A-660

§         conduct all association business in an open, fair and transparent manner

§         work with membership to develop goals and objectives that meet the needs of the organization and align with the mission of the school

§         build relationships within the school community

§         provide and/or identify training and professional development opportunities for the membership

§         maintain and safeguard all records of the association

§         regular financial reporting and disclosure

§         advertise and hold regular meetings in accordance with their bylaws

§         extensive outreach to increase and maximize membership participation

§         encourage member involvement and engagement

§         communication and consultation with their constituency to determine needs, concerns and recommendations for action

§         consider and meet the needs of members that are not English proficient

§         fair and unbiased representation of their constituency

§         accountability

§         adherence to all applicable Chancellor’s Regulations and policies and their bylaws


Key Rights of Parent - Teacher Associations

§         choose their own representatives

§         access to school facilities

§         right to participate in planning and decision-making process

§         distribute literature through the children (subject to CR A-660 requirements)

§         consultation with Department of Education officials at the appropriate level

§         ongoing, meaningful communication with Department of Education officials

§         receive information from Department of Education officials in a timely manner

§         file a grievance for the enforcement of their rights


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