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Organization Overview


P4Q is a multi-site

organization serving students
of varied populations in the

Fresh Meadows, Bayside,
Jamaica, Laurelton and Long

Island City sections of

Queens.  These

neighborhoods are primarily
residential.  We are housed in

three self-contained school

buildings, three

community schools, one high

school and several work sites.

Our student population is

comprised of pre-kindergarten
through sixth grade and ninth

grade through twelfth grade

student who have been

identified as severely

emotionally challenged

and/or having autism.  Each

site as developed and

implemented a site-wide

behavior management

program to address the

challenging behaviors

typically displayed by our

students.  These programs

encourage behavioral growth
through the use of a points

and levels system.  In

addition, these programs

stress anger control and

management and strive to

focus students on their ability

to make good choices. 

Children with autism are

taught through Applied

Behavioral Analysis, using

discreet trials with reinforcers
and errorless correction. 

Counseling, speech therapy,

occupational therapy and

physical therapy are

provided as related services.

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