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Our Mission


Our mission is to promote challenging, educational experiences with equity of opportunity and access that will enable all students, commensurate with their abilities, to become productive members of a multicultural society. We are committed to supporting the development and implementation of comprehensive programs which enable students to maximize their potential in inclusive environments within our schools and the community at-large.


P168 was selected by the Office of the Deputy Chancellor as a Collaborative Community of Practice school in the Spring of 2005. The purpose of Collaborative Communities of Practice is to build strong communities throughout New York City that enable school teachers, coaches, and Local Instructional superintendents (LIS) to share the best practices to improve school culture and teaching practices. The schools selected to be lab sites for the Collaborative communities of practice were chosen because they demonstrate the following characteristics:

v · Strong Leadership

v · High student performance outcomes

v · NYCDOE core curriculum implementation

v · Professional learning communities

v · Culture of continued growth and sustained improvement

Our staff consists of dedicated individuals whose goal is to provide each student with an opportunity to maximize his/her potential. We strive to provide each student with opportunities to support his/her academic, physical and emotional development in a safe, orderly and non-threatening environment.

We support the Chancellor’s and our Superintendent’s instructional initiative which are to:

v Promote language and mathematics literacy for all students.

v Develop effective academic programs for students with special needs.

v Expand the use of technology to support instruction.

v Implement rigorous performance standards for all students.

v Prepare students fro high stakes assessments to enable them to meet the Chancellor’s Promotion standards.

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