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PS 188 Dress Code

School Dress Code

It is important that appropriate attire be worn at all times during school hours. Safety is a major concern of all parents and staff. Clothing should not distract the students from learning.

In reviewing the parent surveys regarding school uniforms, the following dress code has been established by the School Leadership Team. The School Leadership Team is a committee consisting of the Principal, parents, and staff.

Please follow these guidelines when dressing your child for school:

  • Shoes should be safe and secured by a minimum of one strap (no slide on or mule type shoes).
  • Regular sneakers must be worn on gym days or the student will not be able to participate.
  • The length of pants may not be so long as to create a safety hazard - i.e., dragging under the shoes.
  • During Assembly, white shirts are to be worn by all students.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses should not be so short as to create a diversion.
  • Strapless tops, tube tops, muscle shirts (with extra large arm holes) and midriff tops which expose the navel are unacceptable.


Please be advised that the following accessories are not permitted during school hours:

  • Hats worn in the building
  • Pocket chains
  • Trendy distractions
  • Walkmen
  • Gameboy

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