What Does A Guidance Counselor Do?

The Guidance Counselor

• is a specialized professional

• is committed to the educational and emotional development of children

• helps every student to master the standards

• delivers a comprehensive school guidance and counseling program to every student

• aligns the school counseling program with the mission and vision of each school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP)

• conducts staff and community workshops

• facilitates Crisis Management and Intervention

• enforces the mandates of Child Abuse and Maltreatment

• helps ensure the rights of Students in Temporary Housing (STH)

• educates and upholds rules and regulations as stated in the Chancellor’s Regulations


School guidance counselors collaborate with all members of the school community to develop and deliver a data driven program that supports every student’s academic, career and personal/social development.

 Academic Development

        • supports student success through study and test taking skills
        • contributes to improving student attendance
        • ensures students receive Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
        • assures students have knowledge of and access to promotion and graduation requirements
        • focuses on increased graduation rates
        • uses data informed practice to increase opportunity and promote achievement
        • supports teachers in their work with students

 Personal/Social Development

        • focuses on reducing disciplinary referrals and suspension rates
          positively impacts school climate
        • helps students acquire resiliency skills
        • promotes successful student transitions from grade to grade
        • teaches students mediation and conflict resolution
        • facilitates access to community resources
        • encourages positive motivation and aspiration

 Career/Post-Secondary Development

        • helps students explore postsecondary options, including college and career choices
        • facilitates the college application process
        • engages parents in educational and career planning for their children
        • helps parents to navigate the school’s role in the educational process
        • provides skills necessary for student success in school, community and the world of work
        • connects career goals to educational goals


From…..School Guidance Counselors in NYC Public Schools – Making the Difference for 21st Century Students and Schools prepared by NYC DOE and UFT 2008


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