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Graduation Requirements

 All students entering the 9th grade as of September 1999 must pass 5 regent exams in order to graduate high school. New York state Regents examinations are given at the end of academic courses that are geared toward college preparation. They must pass the ELA, Global Studies and U.S. History Regent exams, a math regent and a science regent exam. All students must meet the requirements for a regent diploma to be able to graduate high school. All students must accumulate a minimum of 44 total credits and pass the 5 regent exams.


English 8

Global Studies 4

U.S. History and Government 2

Participation in Government 1

Economics 1

Mathematics 6

Science 6

Foreign Language 2

Health Education 1

Art 1

Music 1

Major    7

Physical Education 4

Total 44

Students must also pass the following Regent’s exams:

Exam                                   Year Taken
Science                              9th                                                      
Mathematics                        9th
Global Studies                      10th
U.S. History and Gov't            9th
English Language Arts            9th

The courses and exams listed above represent only minimums. Many students graduate with credits well above the basic minimum. Some students even graduate with the prestigious Advanced Regents Diploma.

To receive an Advanced Regent Diploma, students must pass the following Regent’s examinations in addition to completing the requirements for the regular regent diploma.

  1. The Spanish Regent (must complete 6 Spanish credits as opposed to only 2 for the regular regent diploma)
  2. An additional Mathematics Regent
  3. An additional Science Regent

No March Policy

According to Board of Education policy, only students who have successfully completed the requirements (courses and exams) for a regent or local diploma PRIOR to graduation day will be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies.

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