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The Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design is a 9-12 college preparatory school committed to developing students as imaginative critical thinkers. Our curricula builds a foundation of visual knowledge, skills and literacy for creative problem solving, as students are exposed to design and architecture in stand-alone courses as well as having these studies infused into their core academic courses. The learning environment at Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design promotes academic achievement through the integration of a student's career interests and aptitude while making connections to that learning to the world in which we live.

Who We Are

  • We are a small public high school with approximately 450 students located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What We Do

  • Our mission is to provide our children with a quality education that is geared toward future training in the preservation trades and related professions such as architecture, conservation, engineering, and city planning. We are the only school in the country with a Historic Preservation program, in partnership with New Jersey Institute of Technology. Our program introduces important architectural concepts and skills while providing students with valuable, marketable and unique skill sets to obtain employment or move on to higher education in historic preservation, architecture, or related fields.

Why We're Better

  • We offer a unique architecture and engineering experience unlike the typical public high school education.
  • We work hard in order to understand each of our students' learning styles and academic goals.
  • We hire faculty and staff who are dedicated to the success of every one of our students
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