Special Programs

In addition to the Work-Site Partnerships, the MOTC offers In-House Entrepreneurships in Hospitality (Enterprises) and Food Services (Confetti Cafe), Inclusion programs at Legacy and Chelsea High Schools, Structured teaching classes (TEACCH),  as well as Math, Science, Art, Music, Social Studies, ELA/NLA, Physical Education and Computer Technology.

MTP Partnership

The Model Transition Program is in it's second year at 721M.  We have a partnership with AHRC, (Association for Help of Retarded Children) to help move students into job training opportunities that lead to employment.  The MTP After School Job Club has increased its membership and offers our students an extensive job readiness curriculum.  Dr. Chris Suita from University of Buffalo works with our students and staff by conducting workshops on self advocacy.  AHRC and 721M conduct professional development for staff on job coaching.  Workshops are also conducted to orient our parents and students to the services offered by VSID, the office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities that offers vocational rehabilitation and educational services for our students.

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