Our Mission

The High School for Arts and Business is dedicated to serving its students for over a decade by providing outstanding educational opportunities and academic excellence.  We are located in the heart of Corona, Queens, a diverse and multicultural community.  This community is reflected in our student body.  As a school, we are proud of our academic accomplishments.  We hve met our annual yearly progress in all areas of Mathematics, English and Grauation Rate.  We are a school in good standing according to the No Child Left Behind Act.  Our progress report for 2009-2010 states that our school "did better than 92% of all high schools citywide."  In May, 2010, Newsweek magazine ranked The High School for Arts and Business (HSAB) number 5 in New York City public high schools and number 296 nationwide, based on its ratio of AP courses offered to overall student enrollment.  This was the fifth year in a row that HSAB was recognized by Newsweek in the Top 1000 Nation's Best Public High Schools.

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