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Emergency Readiness

Dear Parents,

I am writing this letter to address the inquiries and requests for information concerning our readiness at New Utrecht High School to respond to emergency situations.

Please note the following:
  • A Safety Plan that is reviewed, updated and certified by the Department of Education and the New York City Police Department is in place at our school.
  • The Safety Committee and the Crisis Response Committee meet monthly with the Principal to review and update all emergency plans.
  • If we were directed to evacuate our building for safety reasons, our safe haven would be:
    P.S. 204 (81st Street & 15th Avenue)
    Narrows Civic Association (New Utrecht Avenue & 80th Street)
    Micali Terrace (16th Avenue & 86th Street)
  • In the event of an emergency situation outside of the school, we will institute a "lock down" procedure. To reach the school in such an emergency, you can call 718-232-2500 (Ext. 124, 125, 265, 399).
Please know that the safety of our students is always our paramount concern and the Department of Education has established a comprehensive program to be followed by all schools in the event of an emergency. Thank you, as always, for your continued cooperation.

Howard J. Lucks, Ed.D.
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