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Photography Academy

Academy of Photography

Through photography, our students are inspired to love the process of learning and to use visual and written communication to explore and understand their academic subjects. We hope to motivate young citizens to discover and develop both a personal ideal and voice, and to give them an opportunity to begin pursuing an exciting career.Discover an outstanding faculty of artists, photographers and writers with professional experience in top businesses and industry. Our industry partnerships include professional organizations, such as NFTE (National Foundation For Teaching Entrepreneurship), ICP (International Center of Photography), Macy’s Photo Studio and USA Today. Our programs include guest lecturers, field trips, job shadowing and internships. We are committed to having the industry actively involved in keeping our curriculum relevant.

The Photography Academy has a director and a coordinator.  The director is Mr. Sime and the coordinator is Ms. Singleton. If you need to contact Ms. Singleton, you can call her school cell phone (646)761-0808 or at esingleton2@schools.nyc.gov

Mr. Sime can be reached at 212-245-5925 ext. 280 or at L.sime2@schools.nyc.gov

Mr. Sime

Course sequence update for Commercial Photography As of September 2008.

VGP I  Introduction to Photography/History/Careers/Sun-Prints/Photo-grams/Safety/ Chemistry/Pinhole.          

VGP II   Intro to 35mm/Intro to lighting/Conventional Black and White/Film Processing and Printing.

VGP III  Advanced 35 mm /Advanced lighting/ Strobe.

VGP IV  Medium and Large format/Dark room / Studio/Intro to Digital.

VGP V  Digital Photography.

VGP VI  Advanced digital/ Photo Studio/Color

VGP VII  Video Production

VGP VIII  Television production/CFM/Internships


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