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PS 165's school wide reading initiative

“Caught Reading” is a school wide reading initiative used to encourage children to read at all times. The Star Reader program offer incentives to children who are continuously “caught reading” throughout the school year.

Star Readers are students who

  • enjoy reading
  • carry materials to read throughout the day
  • read different types of materials. I.e. fictional books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, etc.
  • are “Caught Reading” throughout the school day

Star Readers are rewarded for their dedication to reading.

When Caught Reading, Star Readers receive a Star Reader Badge.

  • 10 Star Reader badges = One Star Reader button
  • 20 Star Reader badges = Two Star Reader books
  • 30 Star Reader badges = One Star Reader gift bag
  • 40 Star Reader badges = Surprise Star Reader Gold Package

Simple Strategies for parents encouraging “Star Readers”.

Through reading aloud, providing print materials, and promoting positive attitudes about reading and writing, you can have a powerful impact on your child's literacy and learning.

  • Invite your child to read with you every day
  • When reading a book where the print is large, point word by word as you read. This will help your child learn that reading goes from left to right and understand that the word said is the word seen.
  • Discuss new words. For example, "This big house is called a palace. Who do you think lives in a palace?"
  • Stop and ask about the pictures and about what is happening in the story.
  • Read from a variety of children's books, including fairy tales, song books, poems, and information books
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