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Our Mission

The mission of P226M is to enable every student to achieve his or her potential.

At P226M we believe that every child in our program deserves the best education possible. In order to do this, we have dedicated ourselves as a staff to pioneering new concepts and developing unique new strategies for the delivery of services to students with special needs and their parents/guardians. Assessment and research designs are developed to measure the effectiveness of the diverse projects. High expectations and individually tailored instruction combine to facilitate achievement of the most independent levels of performance for each child.

We believe that each staff member can continue to grow and develop professional skills through training. P226M is committed to providing and facilitating staff participation in a variety of professional growth opportunities.

We believe that the educational process is always evolving. In this spirit, P226M is in the forefront of re-evaluating present practices and developing new strategies and programs to help the students achieve their highest goals.

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