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As members of the P186X Community we will provide our students with a safe learning environment where academic, behavioral, social and emotional growth and success are encouraged based on the pillars of good citizenship.  Our students will strive for academic excellence, emotional growth, independence and social awareness.  Students, with the support of school and families, will work together as a team to achieve this vision.

P186X Day Treatment Center was established in 1984 to provide a structured, gentle, and nurturing environment for severely emotionally disturbed children.  Specific attention was and still is given to the psycho-educational needs of all students and their families. The school has highly qualified teachers and a clinical staff that provide educational, instructional, and therapeutic counseling services as mandated by each student s Individualized Education Plan, as well as support for the family whenever necessary.  P186X also provides services in instructional and therapeutic programs for children with multiple disabilities, which include severe and profound cognitive delays.

The organization consists of the main building and annexes at P306, P140, Bronx Studio High School and New York Psychiatric Institute. 

P186X main site and P186X@306 serve students classified for the following instructional programs: 12:1:1 and 8:1:1 for Standardized Assessment students; 12:1:4, 12:1:1, and 8:1:1 for Alternate Assessment students.  Bronx Studio High School has one inclusion class. P186X@140 serves students who are classified for 12:1:1 standardized assessment instructional program and one inclusion class in the elementary school. New York Psychiatric Institute has one adolescent class. A highly structured, psycho-educational approach to the students' diverse needs is offered. In addition to the educational curriculum, which follows the New York State Part 100 Regulations and incorporates Common Core Learning Standards/Citywide Instructional Expectations, each student's Individual Education Plan focuses on specific goals. Each students program is also designed to enhance self-esteem and equip each student with necessary life skills.

The program offers an academic curriculum that includes Technology Education, Home and Career Skills, Creative Arts, Music (choral and instrument), Computer and Science Labs, Multi-Cultural Dance, and Physical and Health Education. All students are also eligible to receive Response to Intervention/Academic Intervention Services as prescribed by the New York State Education Department.

The Alternate Assessment program provides a therapeutic environment with related services that include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Vision, Hearing, Counseling, Nursing, and Feeding Educational Services.

We have designed the educational program to develop skills through additional programming, such as, Music Education, Culinary Arts and Adaptive Physical Education. The instructional program emphasizes academic skills, socialization, communication and independent living skills. Students are assessed by participating in The New York State Alternate Assessment Datafolios and Student Assessment of Needs Determination Inventory (SANDI).

The promotion policy at P186X is based on student attendance, class work, teacher observation, assessment results, and report cards. This information is organized in the student's portfolio and demonstrates attainment of the modified criteria, as stated on the student's IEP. Emphasis for promotion is based on achieving goals and objectives as stated on each student's IEP, attendance, and standardized assessment test results.

Opportunities to develop skills through community- based instruction are scheduled throughout the year. Trips are scheduled to a variety of destinations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens. Trip destinations include, but are not limited to: the Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, American Museum of Natural History,  New York Hall of Science, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Barnes and Noble, and local post offices, libraries and banking institutions.

P186X is a "Model School" for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) and subscribes to a hybrid behavior management system that helps all school personnel assist students in shaping, modifying and developing appropriate skills and behaviors that are needed to adapt to a variety of environments. The behavior management system utilizes principles of positive reinforcement, token economy systems, conflict resolution and Power of Choice. The cornerstone of the behavior program is a point system that is related to appropriate social behaviors and academic diligence, in order for the students to elevate through four levels; every level has specific reinforcers/rewards. Monthly assemblies are held in order to celebrate students success.

We have had the good fortune of working with a Hip Hop 4 Life visiting artist. This visiting artist works collaboratively with our middle school teachers in providing our students with "leadership skills, professional development, and post-secondary readiness."  This multi-week club focuses on the following topics:  leadership, vision building, and goal setting.

P186X has been the recipient of the following: Robin Hood Library Grant, Reso-A Technology Grant, and a grant to expand and restructure our playground (Reso-A - Out2play), Elevator, Disney Musicals in Schools Grant, front/side ramp, and specialized doors for fire safety.

Staff are involved in Professional Development activities presented by District 75 coaches/leaders and professional developers outside the District 75 realm.

P186X has formed a partnership with community leaders, NYC Parks Department, and the Bronx Botanical Gardens to plant and develop The P186X Green Thumb Garden.

Parents were involved in a variety of workshops developed specifically to enhance their knowledge and skills when dealing with children exhibiting behavioral and/or developmental issues.  The workshops are led by licensed school social workers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, school nurses, teachers, and administrators.  Some of the topics included are: Understanding Medical and Psychiatric Assessments, Setting Limits with Your Child, How a Medicaid Service Provider Can Make Your Life Easier, and Transferring Skills from School to The Home.

P186X is continuing the Early Childhood Parent Literacy Program.  This program is designed to support the emergent reading skills of our early childhood students while continually building positive relationships with parents by bridging the gap between home and school.  This program continues to have an impact on our parents and the reading proficiency of our youngest school aged children. Parents become acquainted with their child's early reading behaviors, spend more time reading with their child and complete teacher prepared literacy projects in their homes. Projects are returned to school on specific dates so they can be discussed and displayed in class.  Students receive recognition for participation and completion at the conclusion of the year.

We are initiating a partnership with the Puerto Rican Family Institute. This initiative increases literacy awareness and matches middle school standardized assessment students to preschool students.

The school collaborates on various projects with Mercy College, Pace University, New York University, Touro College. City College of New York and the Puerto Rican Family Institute.  Additionally, we have strong working relationships with the New York Psychiatric Institute, Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital, Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Judge Rotenberg Facility, and Rye Psychiatric Hospital.

 School Strengths:
•    Strong leadership
•    Dedicated, experienced
•    Resourceful, effective and dedicated pedagogical staff
Talented, committed and professional secretarial staff
Communication with families
Ties to community based organizations, psychiatric treatment centers and universities
A well -organized and efficient custodial staff
A nurturing, committed kitchen staff that provides nutritious meals
•    School Safety Agents who respond well to the needs of our students

The uniqueness of the P186X program is demonstrated daily through its ongoing commitment to the welfare of its students by providing the best possible psycho-educational program for the most severely disabled students in the community.

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