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NYSSMA Solo Festival 2011

Congratulations to the all soloists that participated at the NYSSMA (pronounced NISS-MA) Festival this past Saturday. NYSSMA stands for the New York State School Music Association. They hold festivals every year at various locations in New York State. Every year, students at Scholars' Academy choose to perform a musical selection as a soloist in front of an adjudicator, who evaluates their progress and gives them a score. As the level of musical selection increases in number from 1 through 6, the musical selection becomes more challenging. This helps them prepare these students for auditions and admissions into performing arts high schools and colleges. The following students deserve particular recognition for their accomplishments: Jacqueline Libato scored an Outstanding (28 out of 28, perfect score) for a Level 4 violin solo. She also received a grade of A (95) for her Level 6 piano solo. Keep in mind that Level 6 is the highest level at NYSSMA, and is the most challenging music to play. Maura Hennessey scored a grade of A- (91) for her Level 6 piano solo. Yarden Flatow scored an Outstanding (26 out of 28) for a Level 4 Alto Saxophone solo. If you were not mentioned during this announcement, please inform Mr. Leicht and Mrs. Morritt of your score immediately. It is never too early to begin thinking about next year's festival. See Mr. Leicht and Mrs. Morritt for more information.

NYSSMA Major Organization Festival

The Scholars’ Academy Sixth Grade Band, under the direction of Ms. Morritt, as well as both the Seventh and Eighth Grade and High School bands, under the direction of Mr. Leicht, achieved the second-to-highest rating possible at this year's NYSSMA Majors, SILVER. The event took place on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at JHS 278, in Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY.  It is the first time our ensembles have attended NYSSMA Majors and achieved this honor.

At the NYSSMA Major Organization Evaluation Festival the bands are evaluated by a panel of adjudicators/judges who write constructive comments and score the choir in specific areas of performance criteria. The ratings are Certificate of Participation, Bronze, Silver, or Gold  (with or without Distinction). Ratings are awarded based upon the judges' assessments of how well the band has demonstrated its proficiency at the level presented.

the 2010_11 Scholars' Academy Band Performance Schedule

The Halloween Hayride, which took place on October 28, 2010 at Floyd Bennett Field, provided band students from the Scholars' Academy an opportunity to entertain special education students from District 75, making it a more memorable event for both.  In this video, watch the band perform Poker Face. 

Watch the Scholars' Academy March Band in Action

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to listen to the Scholars' Academy Band recorded during the Spring Concert on May 19th
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