Learning to Work

Mission of the Learning to Work Program at BCHS
The Learning-to-Work "LTW" Program is designed for Bushwick Community High School students in order to provide them with an empowering environment to develop strengths and skills, explore opportunities and grow as lifelong learners. The LTW program seeks to provide educational reinforcement, college and career assistance, career readiness through quality work in various paid internships. LTW combines these elements to help BCHS students build positive work habits; increase knowledge of specific career fields; gain leadership experience; develop life skills; and attend periodic health awareness seminars and LTW-sponsored events.

Services Provided by LTW

LTW College and Career Seminar - Earn a ½ credit through our LTW College & Career Seminar course. This prerequisite course to the Senior Advisory class is only open to non-seniors. It is designed to provide exposure in all aspects associated with the college process. Throughout the course, students will complete mock college applications, be given an explanation of the financial aid process, take PSAT exams, write personal essays and attend group excursions to college fairs and tours.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to make an informed decision about which college may be right for them. Students who are seniors must take a Senior Advisory class, taught by the BCHS College Advisor, in order to complete the final stages in applying for college. Those students who have taken the LTW college and career seminar course will have an advantage over those students who have not because of their prior prep work. In addition to the LTW course, students are provided with individualized assistance with the college search process and access to college application materials and resources.

LTW Internship Seminars and Work Readiness Workshops - These workshops are only open to students who participate in an internship. Upon completion of the workshops, students will have developed a portfolio containing their resume, cover letter, Thank You letter and Resignation letter. During workshops, interns participate in mock interviews, are provided with assistance with job applications and are informed of prospective careers.

Paid Internships - Open to ALL BCHS students; the primary purpose of the internship is to allow the intern to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in school to a career field of their choice. Under the careful supervision of the worksite director and internship developer, interns are placed in a wide variety of fields and are monitored closely. Students participating in an internship are also provided with a free checking and savings account provided by Chase Manhattan Bank.

Counseling Services - All students are able to access our individual college, career and personal counseling services. Students who elect to participate in the LTW program undergo a "follow-up" to the intake process provided by the school when they first enter. This process ensures that students are constantly presented with all of the resources they need in their development as young adults. Referrals to local social service agencies are also provided upon request.

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