Principal’s Message

P993Q is a District 75, K-12 school that provides a broad range of school-wide and individualized strategies to support our students’ academic and social growth.  Our focus on student achievement is driven by the Citywide Instructional Expectations.  We have created environments and systems that help our students achieve their greatest potential in academic and social skill competencies.  Our Positive Behavior Support Program helps to create a motivating atmosphere within the school at large.  Our theme, “Be Safe,” “Be Responsible,” “Be Respectful” is posted throughout our school buildings.  This fosters positive student behavior which ultimately increases academic performance, while providing an atmosphere that motivates challenges and fosters high student expectations.  Our teaching staff works collaboratively with our Related Service providers and support staff to create and implement new approaches toward classroom instruction.  Through their individual knowledge, strength, professionalism and commitment, our staff provides our children with the highest level of teaching, caring and support relevant to meaningful instruction.  As an integrative school, much emphasis is placed on providing extended social activities beyond the school day.  With the help of our PTA and Parent Coordinator, we provide many extra-curricular activities after school and on weekends. These experiences allow our students the opportunity to participate in community based activities with peers, siblings and friends.  Collaboration among administration, teachers, support staff, and parents makes P993Q an outstanding District 75 school. 

Our Mission

The mission of P993Q is to provide a multitude of programs and initiatives that lead to successful student outcomes. It is our vision to empower students to make appropriate choices, promote independence, and improve academic achievement. It is our goal to develop effective programs that ensure success for all students through team-building and self-reflection. With this as our focus, a collaborative approach provides the means to build capacity by engaging staff, students, and parents in the instructional process.

It is the goal of P993Q to align instruction in all content areas to the common core standards. The collaborative inquiry process reflects the work of the learning communities that focus on high levels of student achievement. Transition for 12-21 year olds are developed and implemented to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Extracurricular Activities

For More Information, Please Call:
Neville Waldron, P993Q Parent Coordinator
(718) 224-0490

Special Programs
Saturday ESL Educational Institute
A Multi-Sensory, Multimedia and Data Based Approach To Teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Skills to English Language Learners

Saturdays 9:00 AM  - 1:00 PM
P993Q @ P191   Cafeteria        

85-15 258th Street
Floral Park, NY  11001

Our Community
P993Q participates in a variety of activities in our school communities.
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