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K-011 with Ms. Morris

Welcome to Kindergarten!  

Dear parents/guardians,

Welcome to Kindergarten, class k011!  My name is Ms. Morris, and I will be your child’s teacher for this school year.  I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.  I will be spending the first couple of weeks doing fun activities that will allow me to assess your child’s abilities and needs for a successful school year.

I will distribute homework sheets on the first day of every week.  Homework will be assigned every day.  Each day your child will complete a reading log entry after reading a book with you (format for logs will be stapled in book).

Trips will be planned throughout the year.  Parents are always welcome to chaperon or volunteer.  Permission slips must be signed before your child can be taken out of the building.  Phone permission will NOT be acceptable

You will be notified of events, projects or long-term homework assignments your child must complete.  A supply list is attached.  Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I am available Tuesdays thru Thursdays from 8:10 to 8:40AM.

Although you can get information about your child’s progress at any time during the year, usually there are two school wide parent teacher conferences.  One conference is scheduled in the fall, and the other is scheduled in the spring.  Please be mindful of these conferences and mark your calendar with these dates to see me.

Once again, welcome to Kindergarten.  Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!



Ms. Morris

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